Europe's Most Valuable Angel Investor - Angel Island

The toughest fear for a startup is not the one related to finding that first angel.

It is the one on how to find that particular angel that adds not only money but also specific value in that crucial early stage. Having this in mind, Angel Island organises the first European competition for angels with the aim to celebrate the ones who drive the community forward. The event Angel Island on Tuesday September 26th will serve as the competition’s kick off.

Who would be more suitable to elect Europe’s Most Valuable Angel than the entire European startup community? Therefore, everyone is invited to vote for their favourite angel on this page. The winner will be announced at a later stage.

You may also recognise some Angels in the list below. This is a list of the top angels in Europe powered by

To vote please press the vote button next to the Angels name, or go directly to the form located here.

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