About - Angel Island

Angel Island is a community-driven festival built to level the playing field for startups and investors.

The event will consist of 400 – 600 handpicked guests; a curated group of charismatic, intelligent, purpose driven startup founders, virgin & angel investors, and EU Community leaders, all combined in a spectacular setting.

The team behind the Angel Island consists of local influencers in the startup community around the Netherlands with a true passion for community building that were hand-picked according to no-asshole-policy.

The Angel Effect.

Ton van ‘t Noordende

Ton has been at been both sides of the table, heavily involved in the EU startup scene and looking for ways to leave a bigger footprint than just investing. Team @StartupFest Europe. Partner @Keadyn

Dennis Ahrling

Having worked in venture capital and innovation consultancy, he strives to empower entrepreneurship around the world. He enjoys challenging the status quo and combining diverse mindsets into winning strategies.

Victoria Ous

Victoria is a startup lover with an affinity in community building and a true believer in demystifying capital. Co-founder @ Popices. Events Manager @ Capital On Stage.

Nick Stevens

Works with companies & individuals to inspire, educate & support them to step outside of their comfort zone. Humanity Driven Innovation. Coffee Nerd.

Camille Grotenbreg

Camille is fascinated by startups, passionate about creating real value and always on board to make things happen. Organizer @ Startup Weekend | Ops Manager @ StartupBootcamp Amsterdam Fintech & CyberSecurity.

Daniel John Baker

Daniel is a Scottish product designer. He left the agency world to become neck deep in the startup game. Co-founder @ Popices, co-founder @ Swuto, ex @ Peerby, ex @ Frog Design.

Hans van Gent

Hans is a bit of a renaissance man. Next, to his work as Head of Digital at The Oval Office, he’s running a startup called Inbound Rocket to help small and medium enterprises get leads from their websites.

He’s also named one of the top 20 Content Marketers to follow by Small Business Trends and knows how to write his own code.

Wout Laban

Developing the community at @TQams

Nina Laenen

Nina Laenen

Nina is a board member of the international student organization Erasmus Student Network. Coming from a entrepreneurial family, Nina founded her first start up during her high school period.

Ivan Ferini

Ivan is passionate about business strategy and bringing business and technology together to create great products. Ivan is a recent business graduate with experience in venture capital and business development in a biotech startup.

Irene Rompa

Irene loves startups, sustainability and acts of random kindness. Lead of the Let it Grow Lab where she runs the Incubation Programme for entrepreneurs that work with flowers and plants

Nathan Wiersma

Nathan, experienced event director for TEDxBinnenhof, Innovation Expo, SAIL Amsterdam, Innovative Enterprise Week and many others is dedicated to help innovators grow. Nothing is impossible is his motivation.

Ariana Ivan

Ariana believes everyone has the power to create their own reality.
Acting accordingly, she is the founder of two international organizations focused on helping both youth and adults reach their true potential personally and professionally.
Her love for education and fashion has led her to currently work on co-founding two other startups – a personal development school and a retail & tech accelerator.

Simona Nickman

Simona Nickman

Produced over 60 events and other dangerous things for the tech scene in Europe and Asia. As a community builder & connector, she believes in creating unforgettable experiences that bring people together. Co-Founder @ Amsterdam AI, Events & Partnerships @ CITY.AI

Ionela Mihalcea

Ionela Mihalcea

Hosted over 200 events worldwide, organised performances and festivals. Learning every day about the startup ecosystem and always happy to help the community.