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  • A community-driven festival
  • built to level the playing field
  • for startups and investors.
  • 150 Angel Investors
  • 50 Virgin Investors
  • 200 EU Startups
  • Date: 26 Sept 2017
  • Location: Secret
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What is Angel Island

A curated group of charismatic, intelligent, purpose driven startup founders meet virgin & angel investors in a spectacular setting.

400 – 600 handpicked guests. International audience. Only the brightest.

The Angel Effect.


The number ONE question startup founders ask: how do I find angel investors?

Founders find it difficult to approach accredited Angels.

Angels often have zero experience with the new ways of investing.

There are no quality purpose-driven networks entered around seed stage founders & virgin investors.


We want to help the brave and the daring. The ones that have the perseverance, the talent and the ambition to shape the future. Time for a community-driven festival that levels the playing-field for startups and investors.


By connecting the unconnected and by information-enabling startup founders and investors alike.


We’re a group of passionate volunteers that want to actually make a difference for the startup ecosystem in Europe. For us, it’s not about the money.

"I’ll put it this way. Sea fort on a tiny island packed with cool people? Are you KIDDING ME? #awesome!"Dan Taylor, Heisenberg Media.