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  • A community-driven festival
  • built to level the playing field
  • for startups and investors.
  • 200 Angel Investors
  • 200 EU Founders
  • Date: 26 Sept 2018
  • Location: Angel Island
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What is Angel Island

The unconference that changes the way entrepreneurs and investors work together occurs for the second year in a row on September 25th in Amsterdam.

Breaking the traditional pitching and investor meetings, Angel Island connects the unconnected and brings together the bravest and the most brilliant minds every year to combine the resources that will contribute to a sustainable future.

The one-day event takes 200 (angel) investors, 100 global influencers, and 200 startup founders on an island with the aim to create meaningful relationships that will help each other progress and disrupt industries.

As Ton van ‘t Noordende puts it: I’ve travelled to more than 30 cities in Europe in the past 8 months and I’ve seen the same issue all across the board.

Founders still spend a lot of time trying to find that first round of informal funding and – unfortunately – often don’t realize they need to do their due diligence as well.

We’re here to break open those informal networks and get that firsthand knowledge sharing going’.

A unique format built to empower the European early-stage tech community.

This years’ edition of Angel Island isn’t focused on growing the unconference, it’s built to improve conditions between angels & founders.

The unconference will start on sailing boats, will continue on an island situated in the middle of the sea, and, as the grand finale, will have an exclusive party.

The Angel Island team values the immediate interaction between angel investors and founders. Therefore, they will break the ice right after stepping foot on the sailing ship, where the participants meet their personalized crews composed of founders and angels. On the island, groups with common interests will be locked together in the fortress and will be encouraged to have open conversations on hot topics.


We want to help the brave and the daring. The ones that have the perseverance, the talent and the ambition to shape the future. Time for a community-driven festival that levels the playing-field for startups and investors.


By connecting the unconnected and by information-enabling startup founders and investors alike.


We’re a group of passionate volunteers that want to actually make a difference for the startup ecosystem in Europe. For us, it’s not about the money.

What others are saying

"Angel Island combines the best of Amsterdam - boats, DJs, a fortress, crazy creative people - with the coolest international crowd of founders and investors."
Special Envoy at StartupDelta, Prince Constantijn van Oranje

"Amsterdam Capital week 2016 appeared to be a week with the same ingredients as the year before, but.. a fresh & awesome event popped up that struck my attention right away.
Angel Island was an excellent organized day with the right balance of inspiration, matching & fun. Thanks to Angel Island we got connected to a couple of seriously interested investors for our next funding round.
Hopefully, this is going to be an annual event and YES this is what the Amsterdam startup scene needed."

Floris van Hoogenhuyze, Founder at Barqo.